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landscape and wildlife photographer, adventure walker,


As I child, I wondered about my dad's preoccupation with taking pictures; his were of people and flowers. My mother found this wasteful and vocalized this frequently. Her economy seemed to be that of utility. These photos weren't useful. My dad never defended his picture taking. He just kept taking photos with a giant, black, sexy Minolta with a flash as big as my head. 

Now, I too, with even less words to offer in defense of my constant return to this art, offer up my photos and feeble words as sub-par evidence of my experiences bumping into the sacred 'out there.' 

I grew up on Vancouver Island, an idyllic setting that I thought must mirror the rest of the world. It doesn't. Since, I have found myself more and more drawn to getting myself into big and beautiful places, hoping that a photo as a souvenir might be an adequate reminder or motivation to go and do it all again. 

I live in Washington State now and am attempting to see everything. 

Thanks for being here. 

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